"Transporting patients at 180 miles per hour saves time – but what saves lives is our highly skilled team"

Get the coverage you need to enjoy Paradise the right way – Should the unfortunate occur, we've got you covered!

“BahamasEvac is a company made up of people who truly care about our members and patients”

“Safe, efficient, professional air ambulance transport”

The BahamasEvac family is made up of industry experts who are dedicated to and passionate about offering the highest level of safety and care. We offer land, sea and air emergency medical transport.

We work hard to provide safe and efficient air ambulance transportation to every member and to every patient that we take into our care. We strive to be the very best in emergency air transport throughout the entire Bahamas and surrounding areas.

Whether you are a BahamasEvac member or you happen to have an unforeseen medical emergency requiring an air ambulance, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety, service and reliability.

We Are

  • Family Oriented

    All of our monthly plans cover you and your entire immediate family (i.e. spouse, children under 18).

  • Based in The Bahamas

    Being based in The Bahamas means that when you are in need, we are already on the ground in the country ready to respond. Reduced response times means increased possible survival rates.

  • Affordable

    We offer convenient and affordable monthly plans – it is our mission that this life-saving service be as accessible as possible for our Bahamian people and visitors alike.


For patients unable to board a commercial flight, an air ambulance is the safest travel option. We provide medically-configured aircraft, fully loaded with advanced life support systems and staffed by flight-trained medical personnel, to quickly and safely transport patients to a medical facility more equipped to handle their particular needs.


Whether you need a private charter to get to a business meeting in Florida or for a family vacation to The Exumas, one call to BahamasEvac services gets the job done. BahamasEvac offers a variety of private charters – for business or for pleasure – we work with you to create flexible, cost-effective solutions to meet your private charter needs.

“All of our Air Ambulance packages offer coverage for your entire immediate family and peace of mind for when you need it the most.”

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