BE Paid Program

How the  Program works:

Active BahamasEvac members must sign up to be part of the referral program for referrals to be counted towards your payout. Once you have signed up by calling the office at 242-323-1162 or in the form, share the program with people that you think would be interested in the service and have them contact BahamasEvac to sign up. Make sure your referees let us know you sent them and follow up by letting us know who you referred as well.

  • Refer 3 people and receive $50
  • Refer 5 people and receive $100
  • Refer 10 people and receive $200
  • Referrers must pledge for the payout period
    (Pledge adjustments can ONLY be made at the beginning of every pay period)
  • All referees must sign up and pay their membership fees to become active members before their referrer can be paid.
  • All referees must provide their referrer’s member ID number upon sign up for it to count toward their referrer’s payout.
  • Referees must complete their sign up and payment to become active BahamasEvac members within the first month of the payout period for their referrer to be paid out in that pay period.
  • If the referee signs up after the first month of the pay period, the referrer will be paid within the following payout period – referrer must also resubmit their form listing their referees at the beginning of the next pay period.
  • Annual payout dates will be on the 20th of April, the 20th August and the 20th of December
  • Payouts can be in the form of Cash, Cheque or RBC Wire Transfer ONLY.
  • Payment must be claimed within ten (10) business days of the payout date or payment will be void.
  • After payout, the number of referees reset to 0 (they DO NOT rollover)

Pay Out Terms

“Referrer” – A current and active BahamasEvac member who refers someone to become a new BahamasEvac member through the referral program

“Referee” – Someone who is NOT currently an existing BahamasEvac member who is referred by the referrer to become a new member

“Pledge” – Estimated amount of potential new members you will be able to sign up within a pay period. Pledge MUST be done BEFORE you start referring through the program and can be adjusted AFTER you receive your payout. You will not be able to receive payment until your full number of pledges is reached.