BahamasEvac Services is a company made up of people who truly care about our members and patients and we take pride in the life-saving work that we do.

We strive to be the very best in emergency air transport throughout the entire Bahamas and surrounding areas. Whether you are a BahamasEvac member or you happen to have an unforeseen medical emergency requiring an air ambulance, we’re here to assist you.

BahamasEvac is not only located in Nassau, Bahamas, but it is also owned and operated by Bahamians. Founder and CEO, Anthiniqueko Gibson, grew up as a native to Crooked Island, and knows firsthand what it means to live on an out island and be faced with a medical emergency.

We provide medical transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our flight team is comprised of experienced air ambulance specialists who are passionate about providing the utmost in patient care. All of our EMT’s are internationally registry certified, and all of our pilots are BCAA/FAA certified commercial pilots with a minimum of 2000 hours PIC.

BahamasEvac Services is committed to ensuring that all of our staff members are not only properly trained, but that we are kept up-to-date through continuing education. Health care is an ever-evolving field, and with new technologies and developments comes new information.

“Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” –Kofi Annanseventh Secretary-General of the United Nations

For all of us at the BahamasEvac family, staying up-to-date on the latest in patient care and emergency protocols and procedures helps us to make sure that we can respond to any emergency in a calm and efficient manner.

Life-long learning and continuing education are essential elements of practice and service in our field and when response time can mean the difference between life and death, a confident, knowledgeable and efficient team is crucial.

Fast response time is critical for most medical emergencies – so when you are in your hour of need, our team is on the ground in Nassau and ready to respond!

Mission: To make our clients lives and everyday medical needs our priority by providing the highest quality of customer service and patient care.

Vision: To be recognized in The Bahamas as the most time efficient, safe and profound means of medical response and transport in both the medical and aviation industry.

Values: At the foundation of our mission and vision are the core values that embody all that we do as individuals and as a team. At BahamasEvac, we value safety, dedication, rapid response time, a healthy work environment, and the highest quality of customer service and customer satisfaction. These values function as a standard of excellence to guide our growth as a company.