Whether you need a private charter to get to a business meeting in Florida or for a family vacation to The Exumas, one call to BahamasEvac services gets the job done.

We offer services to North America, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Cuba, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

BahamasEvac offers a variety of private charters – for business or for pleasure – we work with you to create flexible, cost-effective solutions to meet your private charter needs.

We deeply value the relationships we have with each and every member and guest. We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations every time you fly with us. BahamasEvac Services understands that delivering value to our guests throughout each and every flight is an integral part of good customer service – when our guests are happy, we are happy.

Why fly private?

Time: Time is money – one of the most valuable, non-renewable commodities is time. Whether you are a top-level corporate executive or simply a family or couple on vacation wanting to enjoy all that The Bahamas has to offer – flying private will save you countless hours of wait time.

Airports: Private charters get you access to more airports, regardless of the location – private charters can land just about anywhere in the world.

Scheduling: One of the best parts of going on a private charter is that you are on your own schedule – not the airlines schedule! You can schedule your flight for almost any time, you choose your departure time and you also have access to more destinations.  Furthermore, there’s no concern about missing connecting flights or having your flight delayed for hours – your schedule is in your own hands!

Lines: One of the most frustrating things when flying commercial are the long lines – with private charters, there are none! With a private charter you can skip most of the hassle of mandated procedures by commercial airline travel – you show up 30 minutes ahead of time with your documents and luggage, and get ready for takeoff – it’s that easy!

Furthermore, a private charter allows you the freedom to customize your entire experience – so whether you are flying with your children, beloved pets, or lots of luggage, we are here to assist you. A private charter with BahamasEvac Services means no hassle – you tell us what you need and we do the rest.

To set up a private charter, call 1-242-323-1162 – one of our staff members will be happy to assist you with any requests you may have.

Our Fleet

Piper Navajo

Passengers: 7
Baggage: 650* pounds
Cruise Speed: 210 MPH
Max Range: 1000 Miles
Equipment include: GPS, Weather Radar, Auto Pilot, Air Condition, Cabin Comfort, Leg Room, Leather Seats

Piper Aztec

Passengers: 5
Baggage: 300* pounds
Cruise Speed: 180 MPH
Max Range: 750 Miles
Equipment include: GPS, Auto Pilot, Spacious Interior, Leather Seats

Choose BahamasEvac for your Private Charters


How do you book a charter?

To reserve a private charter, simply call 1-242-323-1162 and one of our experienced staff members will be happy to assist you in creating a tailored charter to suit your needs.

What do your private charters cost?

Our private charter pricing varies depending on the desired destination and a number of other factors – each charter is custom tailored to suit your needs.

Call us at 1-242-323-1162 to arrange your private charter today!

Is there an additional cost for wait time?

After the first 30 minutes of scheduled departure or arrival time, wait time is billed at an additional $100 per hour.

How much time in advance do I need to book charter?

Private charters should be booked 24 hours in advance. Charters needed on short notice will be based on availability.

How far in advance do I need to be at the airport?

We advise that all passengers intending to fly on the charter arrive at Jet Aviation 30 minutes prior to takeoff time.

Where do you leave from?

Our private charters depart from Jet Aviation in Nassau, Bahamas.

What documentation do I need for flight?

If your private charter is flying within The Bahamas, you will need one (1) form of government ID. If your private charter is taking you outside of The Bahamas, you will require a valid passport.

How many years have you been in business?

We’ve been in business since 2012.

Are you a registered charter company?

Yes, we are registered with Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority. AOC#BECA-466

Are pets allowed on your charters?

Yes, they are! When you call to reserve your private charter, simply let our agent know that you will be bringing your pet with you and we’ll organize the rest. Additional fees may apply*

What payment options does BahamasEvac accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cheque and Direct Deposit.

What happens if there is bad weather?

The safety of our passengers and flight crew is our number one priority. Bad weather conditions are not conducive for flying and therefore we reserve the right to postpone or cancel flights pending inclement weather conditions. For more information, please contact our sales office regarding flight rescheduling or credits.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Fees
Time of Cancellation Fee
Within 24 hours of Original Booking 0%
24+ Hours of Original Booking 50%
4 to 6 Days Prior to Departure 65%
2 to 4 Days Prior to Departure 80%
Within 48 Hours of Departure 100%
  • No Refunds: Upon confirmation of charter all funds will become 100% non-refundable any balance remaining after the deduction of the cancellation fees listed above will be applied to the customer’s account in the form of a credit. The credit is only valid for 12 months from the date of cancellation and must be used on a future BahamasEvac Charter Services Ltd flight.
  • Time Before Departure: “Departure” = Scheduled Wheels Up Time from Airport of Origin. “Airport of Origin” The Airport from which the aircraft is initially dispatched. The Airport of Origin is not necessarily the same as the passenger’s initial departure airport
  • Peak Periods: Peak travel periods are subject to 100% cancellation penalty at the time of booking whether one-way or full round trip. For the purposes of this agreement, a Peak travel period is defined as 3 days prior to until 3 days after any official national holiday recognized in the United States of America and/or The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
  • Original Booking: Original Booking is considered the moment that the signed charter agreement was returned to a BahamasEvac Charter Services Ltd. representative.
  • Bookings made within 24 hours of Departure: Flights made inside of 24 hours prior to departure are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.