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Anthiniqueko Gibson

Anthiniqueko Gibson

BahamasEvac Services is owned and operated by local Bahamian pilot, Anthiniqueko Gibson.

As a career pilot and a native to Crooked Island in the Southern Bahamas, Mr. Gibson recognized a vast need for a fast, reliable and safe medical air evacuation service.

Growing up as a native of Crooked Island, I have been witness to far too many accidents and injuries that could have had a far better outcome if proper medical rescue protocols had been in place.

This inspired me to open a company that is dedicated to offering the highest level of care to those in need who would otherwise not have access to these life-saving services. “ Anthiniqueko Gibson (CEO and Founder of BahamasEvac Services)

At BahamasEvac, our team of selected leaders are all hand chosen because they have all acquired the knowledge, skills and years of experience in their selective field of medicine to lead this great team.

We truly understand the importance of a quick response in the event of an injury or incident. Our team trains consistently and vigorously to ensure that we are able and equipped to deal with any situation.

BahamasEvac Services operates from the home base of Nassau, Bahamas – we are on the ground, in The Bahamas, ready to respond in your time of need.

Whether you are in need of a medical evacuation charter, or private charter, we are here to meet and exceed all of your needs and expectations. Whether you are traveling within The Bahamas or throughout the Caribbean, BahamasEvac has the aircraft and expertise to get you there.

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Vice President


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Brand Manager