BahamasEvac acquires a portable COVID-19 Isolation Chamber

BahamasEvac one of the few Bahamian companies that have a portable COVID-19 Isolation Chamber.

As many countries around the world struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for PPE (personal protective equipment) and other safety equipment and protocols remain of great importance.  The Bahamas has been relatively fortunate (compared to other countries) with the amount of Covid cases and deaths but over the past few days the cases have slowly risen.

BahamasEvac wants to offer our members some peace of mind when it comes to Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have just acquired a portable Isolation Chamber so, in the unfortunate event that you need COVID-19 related emergency medical transport, we have got our members covered at no extra cost!

Our Pilots and Emergency Medical Technicians are all trained with Covid transfer protocols and adhere to Ministry of Health guidelines.

We remain committed in going the distance when it matters most!