BeAlert Vacation

BeAlert Vacation is a short-term vacation membership for visitors to The Bahamas – we offer various tiers of packages to suit your vacation needs. Now you can enjoy the beauty of The Bahamas while knowing that should a sudden injury or illness occur, help is just a phone call away!

When you’re on vacation, the last thing that you want to worry about is an injury or sudden illness occurring.

However, even when you are in paradise, accidents can happen. This is why we offer our short-term vacation membership options, so that you can enjoy your time in The Bahamas knowing that should the unfortunate occur, help is just one phone call away!

We are fully equipped to handle emergencies requiring ground, sea and air medical transport. We are also prepared with the latest in COVID-19 safe isolation chamber transportation capabilities should the need arise.

We are based in The Bahamas – this means that we are already on the ground, in the country, ready to respond. Our extensive network of medical professionals spans throughout the islands, so no matter where you are or what your medical emergency may be, we have highly skilled emergency response personnel on standby ready to assist you in your time of need.

Travelling abroad is an exciting experience, but unpredictable illness and accidents can happen when you least expect them – even worse, the resulting medical bills can be overwhelming.

Purchasing a short-term vacation membership with BahamasEvac means that should an unfortunate incident occur, we’ve got you covered – a small price to pay for peace of mind.

  • Tier 1

    • Groups


      Covers up to 4 people
      One flat group rate for stays of 5 days or less

      Add additional people to your plan for $2 per person per day
      Add additional Days for $3 per person per day



      Per person per day
      Stays 5 days or less


      Per person per day
      Stays more than 5 days

    • Covers Entire Bahamas
    • Land Emergency Transport
    • Air Ambulance & Maritime  Monitoring ONLY

  • Tier 2

    • $6.50

      per Person
      per Day

    • Covers Entire Bahamas
    • Land Emergency Transport
    • Air Ambulance & Maritime Monitoring ONLY

  • Tier 3

    • $14.99

      per Person
      per Day

    • Covers Entire Bahamas
    • Land Emergency Transport
    • Air Ambulance Transport

We know that this past year has been incredibly difficult and uncertain, and as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel with tourism picking up again, we have had a number of you reach out regarding the same issue – safety in the event of an emergency.

Not only have you spoken to us about concerns for the safety of your guests should an accident or sudden illness occur, but also what do you do should a guest test positive for COVID-19.

In response to this, we have created several new short-term membership options which offer 24/7 emergency monitoring for visitors to our beautiful country covering every island in The Bahamas in the event of an emergency.

We would like to offer for you to have these membership options be made easily available through your establishment as an add-on for your guests to purchase prior to their arrival at no extra cost to you!

The packages are set at a low cost per day and vary in their offerings. The package we would like to discuss with you includes ground ambulance transportation as well as maritime and air emergency transport monitoring should a major accident or injury occur or one of your guests test positive for COVID-19.

When your guest purchases a package from us that features 24/7 monitoring, it means that we are made aware of the details of who the guest is and where they will be located should they need immediate assistance. With this information we are able to organize the logistics ahead of time should the need arise for emergency medical transport which is critical in reducing response time and ultimately can save lives.

Furthermore, we are fully trained and prepared with the latest in COVID-19 safe isolation chamber transportation capabilities. Additionally, we now offer both Rapid Antigen and PCR testing throughout The Bahamas as part of our ‘Concierge COVID-19 Testing’ as well.

Currently, the Travel Health Visa offered by the Government of The Bahamas states that visitors must take a Rapid Antigen test on day 5 of their stay and if they test positive then they must either quarantine in place for 14 days or they must leave the destination via approved medical transport. We know that having someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 remain on site is a concern for both your other visiting guests and your staff alike, and that furthermore, most people who are in this position would likely choose to go back to their home country to quarantine.

We also know that trying to organize medical transport when a sudden emergency or illness occurs can be a nightmare, and that having a safety net in place can not only bring you and your guests peace of mind, but it can also save lives by reducing the time it takes to get that person the medical attention they need.

Our new short-term memberships were created with all of this in mind – should one of your guests have an accident or sudden illness, or test positive for COVID-19, we are fully equipped to transport them to get the medical help they need or transport them back to their home country. We also make all of the necessary logistical arrangements for them along the way.

As tourism begins to open up again around the world, one of the major things visitors want to know before booking is if their safety is a top priority at your establishment. This factor only increases in remote destinations. We all know that our Family Islands are some of the most stunning locations in the entire world to visit, and we believe that being able to offer your guests peace of mind with a low-cost membership that ensures that their safety is a priority not only shows your commitment to your guests but is also a major selling point to make your offerings more attractive in this new COVID era.

If you are interested in learning more about our short-term memberships for your guests feel free to contact us by phone 242-323-1162 or by email at