BeAlert Vacation

Our BeAlert Vacation membership is a short-term medical emergency logistics solution for visitors to the Caribbean. When you’re on vacation the last thing that you want to worry about is an injury or sudden illness occurring. Our BeAlert Vacation membership provides you with medical emergency logistics assistance throughout the Caribbean should an accident or injury occur during your time away from home.

Navigating the medical system in an unfamiliar country or connecting with the necessary emergency evacuation providers in the middle of an emergency can be a logistical nightmare. We aim to make your experience as stress free as possible by handling all of the medical logistics for you should the need arise.

Whether you are in The Bahamas visiting one of the many breathtaking islands, on a yacht cruising throughout the Caribbean, in Jamaica enjoying the stunning 7 mile beach in Negril, or on a cruise ship having fun with the whole family, we’ve got you covered!

When you sign up with BeAlert Vacation, we compile the necessary information so that should a medical emergency occur we are prepared in advance to act quickly. This means that we can connect you with lifesaving medical assistance as fast as possible which is crucial in a medical emergency. With BeAlert Vacation you are one step ahead in getting the emergency medical care you need!