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BeAlert Business: Elevate Workplace Safety with BeAlert Business

Empowering Caribbean Citizens & Residents and our Visitors with Emergency Alert Technology

Exclusive Emergency Support for Your Organization

Leveraging years of frontline emergency response experience, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the critical importance of workplace safety and having robust emergency protocols in place. This insight has driven us to develop BeAlert Business, a solution created to help resolve the unique safety challenges faced by Bahamian businesses.

Designed to enhance workplace safety, BeAlert Business seamlessly elevates your existing safety protocols without disruption, providing comprehensive emergency support that ensures a robust safety net, meticulously aligned with your company’s objectives.

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How the BeAlert App Works:

The BeAlert app revolutionizes emergency response and medical assistance. Utilizing advanced geolocation technology, the app not only ensures rapid and precise location tracking but also facilitates a direct connection with our experienced BahamasEvac Team for immediate emergency assistance.

Whether facing an urgent medical situation or seeking non-emergency advice, BeAlert provides real-time support and streamlines the emergency response process. The app securely stores essential medical and insurance details, streamlining the transition to medical facilities and minimizing administrative delays for faster care, thereby enhancing user safety and peace of mind.

More than just an app, BeAlert is a 24/7 lifeline, offering immediate access to seasoned professionals from the medical and security fields and a comprehensive medical network.

Why BeAlert Stands Out as Your Safety Companion in the Workplace:

  • Geolocation Technology: In an emergency where every second counts, our rapid, precise location detection ensures help is dispatched to your exact location without delay.
  • Direct Support: Immediate connection to the BahamasEvac Team at the press of a button, offering expert assistance in both emergency and non-emergency situations.
  • Real-time support from real people: You’re connected to real people with real experience in the field who will help you to navigate the next steps in care – not a bot.
  • Secure Medical Information Storage: Securely stores critical health and insurance details, cutting down on administrative delays for swift medical aid.
  • Extensive Medical Network: Developed by experts with a vast network across the Caribbean, BeAlert ensures you’re always within reach of top-notch medical assistance, no matter your location.


Safety first means acting before the emergency. Don’t wait for an emergency to reveal your safety gaps – upgrade your workplace safety with BeAlert Business today!

Additional Benefits of BeAlert Business:

Comprehensive Support: We offer assistance with emergency evacuation coordination in air, ground, and maritime emergency scenarios, providing a solid safety framework. (Note: Fees for required medical services are additional.)

Complimentary Ground Ambulance*: One free ground ambulance service per month to your business location in the event that 911 services are unavailable, exclusively for employees during operational hours (Always dial 911 first in the event of an emergency).

Free Access to the BeAlert Network: Employees and their families can call the BeAlert Network to receive direct support from the BahamasEvac team to help navigating next steps in care for emergent and non-emergent situations, both on-site and off-premises.


Please note: While BeAlert Business provides comprehensive emergency support, any medical services required will incur additional fees.

Micro Package:

  • Provides BeAlert App access for up to 5 employees
  • $49 per month
  • Ideal for small businesses and Startups
  • Introductory special offers available

Contact us to activate the Micro Package and secure your team today!

Standard Package:

  • Provides BeAlert App access for up to 10 employees per location
  • $99 per month
  • Introductory special offers available

Contact us to activate the Standard Package and secure your team today!

Benefits of BeAlert Business for both Micro and Standard Packages:

  • All employees can register for free to be part of the BeAlert Emergency Network which offers free access to a 24/7 hotline for medical emergencies and health related inquiries and is available to employees both on and off-site
  • Employees can also sign up their entire family to the BeAlert Emergency Network for free
  • Ability to request assistance and coordination for ground, maritime or air ambulance services as needed (Services can be coordinated, but fees for services are not included and are at the cost of the patient/company)

Additional Options:

  • Option to add more employees to have access to the BeAlert App at $10.49 per additional employee per month

Step into a Safer Future for your Workplace with BeAlert Business

Elevate your company’s safety profile and enhance employee benefits with BeAlert Business. For more details on our services and registration process, call 1-242-300-EVAC or fill out the form below.