Anthiniqueko Gibson

“Growing up as a native of Crooked Island, I have been witness to far too many accidents and injuries that could have had a far better outcome if proper medical rescue protocols had been in place.

This inspired me to open a company that is dedicated to offering the highest level of care to those in need who would otherwise not have access to these life-saving services.

The Family Islands, while beautiful, are by far under equipped to handle a serious medical emergency, and as I have learned firsthand over the years, when dealing with critical medical emergencies, response time can be crucial and in some situations be a direct factor in loss of life or the ability to make a full recovery.

Whether you are a native to The Bahamas or a guest to this incredible country that I am proud to call home, we are here to offer you peace of mind and to assist you in your time of need.”

Anthiniqueko Gibson


CEO and Founder
BahamasEvac Services